Quality Control Inspection Services in Vietnam by Vietnam B2B Direct

Quality Control Inspection Services in Vietnam

Delivering affordable on site Quality Control Inspection Services for 14 years,

to Start-ups, Small-Medium-Enterprises, and Billion Dollar Companies worldwide

to ensure no surprises when opening their delivered shipments.

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quality control inspection services by Vietnam B2B Direct

“Quality Control – Vietnam” is owned and operated by Vietnam B2B Direct.

Quality Assurance Service by Vietnam B2B Direc

Quality Assurance Service by Vietnam B2B Direct

Welcome to Quality Control - Vietnam

Our Quality Control Inspection Services in Vietnam are valued by our worldwide client base from all 5 continents provides timely communications, reliability and eliminates the guesswork. Our detailed, video and pictorial QC Inspection Reports puts you right in the Factory even though you are somewhere else in the world. Let us stop your guesswork and uncertainty. This eliminates your customers rejects, frustrations and most of all loss in product sales.

Using AQL Standards with our Client’s detailed specifications our QC Team pays attention to the most critical points in quality standards of your products. All Team Members are trained in Western Business Standards understanding the final consumer’s focus on quality products with no defects.

We’re your “Quality Control Problem Solvers” here in Vietnam.

Better still, we’re your “Preventative Maintenance Team” to ensure your

Vietnam manufactured goods leave the Vietnam factory in a timely fashion

and in the conditions you specified in your Purchase Order!

Vietnam B2B Direct QC Inspection Services


Advantages of using Vietnam B2B Direct QC Services Quality Control and Assurance: Vietnam B2B Direct has an excellent track record of product and factory quality control and assurance

The foreign Corporate Buying and Procurement Veterans of Southeast Asia, particularly in China over the past 30 years, have the battle scars to prove that it is most important to have these “eyes, ears and boots on the ground” at all times to ensure product quality and reliability.

It is also fair to say that most Vietnam Manufacturers have very little experience directly with the final foreign consumers buying demands and expectations regarding product quality, performance and packaging to understand fully the impact when the product is not made and prepared to 100% of the Purchase Order specifications.

Vietnam B2B Direct employs a QC Engineer and QC Team of fully trained staff that visit factories on our client’s behalf for AQL Inspections and specific client requirements. Also, we have staff engaged with some factories for full in-line daily inspections.

Our client base comes from all 5 continents whereby we have inspected many product lines in stainless steel, aluminum, metal works, plastics, rubber, textiles, garments, clothing apparel, cut and sew products, wood furniture, all types of bags, purses, tools, paper notebooks, handicrafts and the list goes on and on.

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We will provide you a with a detailed Email outlining our Seller Services, Terms and Conditions and the next steps for us to quote the Product(s) and Inspection Services you are seeking

“Our QC Engineer and QC Team, trained in Western Business Standards all communicate clearly in both English and Vietnamese languages providing you with our exceptional detailed, pictorial and video “Quality Control Inspection Reports”.

You will receive direct communication with our Team on a timely basis with our methods of putting you right in the Factory through our detailed, pictorial/video Reports.”

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About Vietnam B2B Direct

Meet the people behind the Vietnam B2B Direct who have years of experience in successful dealings with foreign clients in the manufacturing and exporting of Vietnam made products. The Company consists of well-educated English-speaking Vietnamese Personnel in its Vietnam operations trained in western business practices. Our Staff includes Sourcing and Manufacturing Specialists, Business Development Reps, Quality Control Engineer and QC Staff, Administration, and Customer Service Representative.

Mr. Bill Gadd,  CEO

Mr. Bill Gadd,

Vietnam B2B Direct operates 2 Vietnam Offices with 14 years of experience in quality control inspection services in most industry sectors. Having visited over 1,000 Factories and performed Quality Control Inspections in many we have accumulated a list of approved Vietnamese Manufacturers who meet the quality standards and fair trading practices that western countries and our Buyers have come to expect.

Vietnam B2B Direct is an active member for many years with both the American Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam.

Ms. Hoang Thi Thuy Hang, Managing Director

Ms. Hoang Thi Thuy Hang,
Managing Director

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